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Fri 28 Oct 09:00 AM - 17:30 PM @ Hilton Birmingham Metropole

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Evidence-Based Systems Ready to use Monday Morning!

The Science, the Paradigm, the Clinical Protocols and the Doctor and Staff Implementation Training - All in one Day - Guaranteed!

Learn how to build the practice you want without giving up the practice you have!

How We Define Practice Success:

A Practice that provides patients, doctors, and staff with what they value; a win-win exchange of patient outcomes for fair compensation. NOT an exchange of intervention for money but an exchange of outcomes for money. Patients do NOT pay for or value the intervention; patients value the OUTCOMES of the intervention.

In this model the single most important statistic is P.O.A. (Patient Outcome Average) NOT P.V.A. (Patient Visit Average). Do you even know your P.O.A.?

Are you constantly building a practice by having to do the same practice-building activities over and over and over again? Isn’t this exhausting? Is this what you want or what you feel you have to do? Why aren’t more patients referring? Why, if you believe some kind of regular spinal care and/or checkups are valuable, aren’t more patients following these recommendations?

The answer is simple. VALUE.

What are the outcome goals of your care? What do you SAY your care can do? What do you CLAIM it will do?

  • What are the ACTUAL outcomes elicited by your care?
  • What do you SHOW people you do?
  • What do you ACTUALLY do?
  • What are the ACTUAL benefits of continued care and the ACTUAL consequences of discontinuing care?
  • How can you ever SHOW value if you can’t SHOW outcomes?
  • How can you SHOW outcomes if you don’t have the ability to validly assess patient spinal health and overall health at intake and how this improves with your care, and, if you choose to provide ongoing care, how this would worsen without your care.

STOP convincing patients about the value of your care and START showing them and watch what happens – with patients, staff, and doctor! Everybody behaves differently when they are confident they are receiving and/or providing VALUE. Practice success must be redefined. Practice success must be defined as that which provides measured, valuable patient outcomes in a practice environment that is enjoyable and ethically profitable for the doctor and staff. Profits should be the DIRECT result of patient outcomes and interventions should be the direct result of what is required to elicit the best patient outcomes. STOP selling adjustments or care and START selling outcomes.



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